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Two years ago, Morpheus embarrassed Lucifer in front of the Morningstar’s subjects and he swore vengeance on the Dream King. Now, in chapter 1 of the acclaimed “Season of Mists,” Morpheus prepares for his return to Hell…on a mission to free a former lover he vanquished there thousands of years ago.

Lord Dream summons all the residents of The Dreaming to an assembly where he reveals that he plans to journey to Hell; a journey he might not return from given that Lucifer has vowed to destroy him for the embarrassment Morpheus caused him in The Sandman issue #4. Morpheus chooses to send Cain to herald his arrival in Hell. Thereafter, both Morpheus and Lucifer make preparations for their first meeting in two years...

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Setting the Stage for a Showdown in Hell 0

This issue is primarily about grandstanding, both on the part of Morpheus and Lucifer, who spend most of the issue announcing to their friends, enemies, subjects and just about everyone else, about their approaching confrontation. Which is both the story's biggest asset and its biggest fault. It's a fault because it essentially means this issue is all talk, no action, however, it's an asset because it gives you an idea of just how enormous the scope of The Sandman really is - how many character...

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Inadequate art 0

Normally I try not to judge the quality (or lack thereof) of a comic based too heavily off it's art, no matter how good or bad it may be.However, there are occasions in which said illustration hinders or otherwise interferes with the story itself, and in those cases I like to make an exception.For much of the issue I found the art satisfactory (no more than that). In the scenes that took place in hell I found one or two characters in particular genuinely irritating to look at (for example, the h...

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