etragedy's The Sandman #20 - Dream Country: Façade review

What's it Really Like Being a Superhero?

The problem with comics is that they only ever show (or at least used to show) the good side of being a superhero. Wouldn't it be awesome to have superpowers?
But if we are to accept superpowers as a reality, then surely there must be a downside, right? I'm not talking about that 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' cliché we're so often fed. I'm talking the real practical problems of dealing with other people who aren't superhuman.
Meet Urania Blackwell. Her super power lets her do just about anything - as Element Girl she can turn herself into any element in the universe - anything - temporarily. Which basically means she can't go out in public, has no friends, and just wants to die - but being invulnerable, even that's a problem. Fortunately for her, in her darkest hour, Death happens to be walking by her door.
Well illustrated by another great guest penciller, Colleen Doran and excellently colored to reflect the tone of the story by Steve Oliff, this is yet another outstanding standalone comic from Neil Gaiman's creative 'Dream Country' period. He takes a look at Element Girl, another long overlooked character from the D.C. vault, and proves that there are still stories to tell about these characters. 
(The rest of what I have to say about this issue may contain minor spoilers)


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