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  1. Cover by Steve Bissette and John Totleben.
  2. "Bogeymen" written by Alan Moore, penciled by Steve Bissette, inked by Ron Randall and John Totleben, colored by Tatjana Wood and lettered by John Costanza.

This story marks more of Alan Moore’s exploration of the darker side of Americana, this time exploring the myth of the serial killer. Told partly as it is from the perspective of a man who has a particular infatuation with numbers, eye colour and the bogeyman. He tracks one of his victims to the Louisiana swamps, where he ruthlessly deposes of the bodies in the quagmire. Of course while he’s there he happens upon a certain nature elemental...

This story also features Swampy paying Abby a visit via the plughole of her bathroom sink and a side story with Constantine having a chance encounter with a certain caped crusader.


  • Not marked as a Crisis crossover issue, but the events of this issue take place between issue 2-4 of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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