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Comics Legend Alan Moore writes this horrifying tale, as a voodoo ritual release ancient memories and violence on the set of a soap opera set on a real Southern plantation, set in the days of slavery. Continued in issue #42!

Opening this issue a narrator asks what the dead think about when they try to rest, and also if they talk. All the while the pages show an old dilapidated plantation mansion. Whispers and memories begin to arise from the house. The past comes alive from the wall and we hear the screams and pleas of those who used to live and suffer in the great house. We hear a woman, Charlotte, who after consorting with a man, a slave, is being taken to watch her lover be whipped by a Wesley, the plantation owner.

Swamp Thing and Abigail Cable are in the swamp where they are discussing what John Constantine had mentioned about something evil and dark that will be happening in Louisiana soon. He asks whether she has seen anything strange. Abby responds that all seems well, and most people in town are excited because there is a television soap opera set in the Old South being filmed at the remains of a real plantation. Most of the black people in town have been cast as extras, playing slaves.

Tensions on the set of the soap opera are high as the actors struggle with racism. Richard Deal and Angela Lamb wander around the set where she complains about everything she sees. Elsewhere on the plantation, another actor, Billy Carlton, is talking to his manager when he suddenly goes into a daze.

Back in the swamp Abby tells Alec that she has gotten a part time job at the plantation, and tells him that the actors and extras at the film set are all stressed and anxious. Later at the plantation the actors are running through a scene when suddenly, Billy seems to be possessed by the spirit of a slave that used to work at the old plantation known as Robertaland. He refers to Angela as Charlotte, the white mistress of the Robertaland plantation. The director and other actors believe that Billy is improvising, and praise him. After Billy's performance, Angela seems to be warming up to him.

During another rehearsal the director notices the extras acting strangely. Richard, despite not being comfortable playing a racist, becomes possessed by the spirit of Wesley Jackson, Charlotte's husband and the owner of Robertaland. He imagines himself whipping and Billy, but when he comes back to his senses, Billy has no idea what he's talking about. The director, assumes that he was also improvising. Later, Angela catches Billy doing cocaine, and he begs her to promise not to tell his manager about it. At night Alec comes by the set to investigate and feels a strange energy about it but leaves.

After a couple of days Abby goes to the set and finds a co-wroker named Alice, who seems confused and disoriented. When Abby goes back to Alec, she tells him something is wrong and they go investigate fearing this to be what Constantine warned of. When they arrive all the extras have been possessed and are performing voodoo rituals on the lawn. All of the cast members have also become possessed. Richard who is being possessed by Wesley Jackson discovers Angela, who is Charlotte, and Billy, who is William, kissing.

Wesley becomes disgusted with his wife and drags William down to the basement and the dialogue from the beginning of the issue is spoken again by the actors. William is tied to a pole, and Wesley pulls out a knife. He forces Charlotte to watch as he flays William.







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