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When an old, dark power terrorizes a small town, it's up to Swamp Thing to get to the bottom of the nightmarish situation. Meanwhile, Abby begins questioning John Constantine's relationship with Swamp Thing...

This issue begins by following a woman through a store looking for feminine products. There is also secondary story talking about the things that Native American women of the Pennamaquot tribe go through during their menstrual cycles. After strolling through the store a little more the woman pays and heads home. In Louisiana Swamp Thing and Abby are together in the swamp. She asks him if he trusts Constantine and he says he doesn't and tells her that he plans to tell Constantine he will no longer be used.

Back in Kennescook the woman now named Phoebe is entertaining guests at her house with her husband. She is angered by the way her husband Roy demeans her and leaves for the kitchen to hide and continue cooking. Alec arrives and feels an energy "…a dark beacon… it pulses to me…" which he follows. After the dinner Phoebe goes out for a walk where Roy calls to her to prepare him dinner. She says she doesn't feel well and he snarks at her that it's probably P.M.S. and she snaps. From her mouth a werewolf bursts out of her body. Roy runs into the house and Phoebe breaks down the door. He heads to the backyard before bumping into Alec.

Roy faints and Phoebe comes bursting out of the house. She smacks Alec and sends him flying away. Phoebe raises her hand to kill Roy but her guilt stills her hand. She runs off destroying everything in her path. She runs back into the grocery store with Alec chasing her. She runs over to the knife section to end her pain and jump up onto them impaling herself. The werewolf turns back into Phoebe and Alec comes over and picks her body up to bring outside, where she dies. Alec leaves and finds Constantine who gives him a note for the next location. Alec refuses to go wherever the note tells him and surprisingly Constantine is fine with that, and he leaves. Alec looks at the note and sees the next location is Louisiana.

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