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Swamp Thing approaches the vampiric mer-people in the waters of Rosewood, Illinois and witnesses complete terror in its massive, bloated champion. Will Swamp Thing's alliance with John Constantine save the local townspeople?

This issue opens with Swamp Thing underwater in Rosewood searching for an evil he was sent to stop. Back in town a boy named William who was swimming with friends near Rosewood is telling his father about what had occurred there. The parents convene and begin to head to Rosewood. Underwater the mer-vampires attack Alec. On the shore the boy Nicky who was bitten has another boy, Howard, tied up to a rock as a sacrifice.

Back underwater the mer-vampires lure Alec to a football stadium. There the eggs that the "Mother" had laid begin hatching. One by one the young eat each other until only the largest and most powerful remains. Swamp Thing pushes to challenge the creature but it turns and runs into the murk. Suddenly it swims back and strikes ripping Alec to shreds. He leaves the body and enters the Green. Back on shore the parents of all the kids arrive and find Howard and Nicky. Nicky feigns weakness and fright and lure his mother close before biting and feeding on her. He drags her into the water where the creature rises and eats Nicky's father. The other parents release Howard and run away in a car.

Swamp Thing realizes how he can beat the creature and destroy the town. He spreads his roots into the forest surrounding the stagnant water and rises. The water and town are washes away as Alec pushes all of it into a connecting river. Constantine approaches the town and calls out for Alec to appear. He tells him the next mission will bring him to Kennescook, Maine and Alec leaves to wait out the 2 weeks.

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