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Something wrinkled and ancient lurks beneath the waters of Rosewood, Illinois--and it's hungry. Plus, John Constantine encounters Swamp Thing for the first time!

Abby and Swamp Thing are saying their goodbyes as Alec prepares to leave for Rosewood. While this is happening, 5 boys are running and playing, going to a lake where a headstone reads Rosewood, Illinois. The boys realize the lake is full of leeches and exit in a hurry, all but one. He is floating in the water frozen, when we get a glimpse of events going on underwater. Four people with sharp teeth are feeding on him from below the murk. One of the boys says that he sees a shadow under the water, scared, they decide to go get help.

The four people leave the boy and dive down. An underwater town comes into view as the people speed towards it. Meanwhile Alec is in the process of materializing in Rosewood. The name finally clicks in his mind and he know where he is going, he remembers The Saga of Swamp Thing #3 - A Town Has Turned to Blood. Constantine is shown in a nearby bar with a friend of his, Frank. Back by the lake the remaining 4 boys are arguing about who to tell about their friend, Nicky. Back under the water in Rosewood the 4 vampires swim into the chambers of their "Mother". They let her feed of the blood they drew from Nicky.

The vampires carry the "Mother" out of her chambers to the town to prepare for something. On the shore Alec forms and Constantine is there waiting for him. They discuss what had happened here two years ago and what needs to be done. One of the kids, Howard, goes back for Nicky but when he arrives Nicky has been transformed and he pulls him into the lake to be eaten. Back underwater the "Mother" lets loose eggs and arms pierce out from within them. After an argument on the shore Alec walks into the lake and Constantine walks away hoping for the best.

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