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Infected and severely damaged, Swamp Thing faces a final, unmovable fact: he's dying and there's nothing he can do about. Starting this issue, everything Swamp Thing thought he knew will change forever...

This issue is broken up into different stories being relayed by following the different people involved. First we begin with Swamp Thing who after an encounter with Nukeface is slowly deteriorating. While he is slowly dying he calls out Abby's name, then he hears shouts in the swamp, and finally someone praying. Suddenly Abby appears and Alec tells her not to some near, he dies in front of her eyes.

Next is the story following Officer Bernhardt, who encounters Wallace Monroe and finds Bob dead in the swamp. Next is Wallace Monroe's story; it begins with him and other officers in a field slowly backing away from Treasure Monroe. It flashes back to earlier events, including him meeting with Officer Bernhardt and Bob's land lady Mrs. Morel. He walks away and finds kids playing and calling out Nukeface. Back at his hotel he tells Treasure that he is going for a walk, and figures if Nukeface did make it out of Pennsylvania he would be in the swamp. He gets lost and shouts out to the swamp before making it to a road. He returns to the hotel and finds a note that explains Treasure has gone out to look for him; he goes to Officer Bernhardt to organize a search party and by morning they have found Treasure.

Next is Mrs. Morel's story which shows her identifying the body of Bob. Also is Treasure Monroe's story. It begins the same place where Wallace's did, as he is running away from her before flashing back to earlier events. She explains that after Wallace had left she went out to look for him and left a note. She decides to search in the swamp but instead finds a sickly old man (Nukeface) and decides to care for him. She keeps him warm with her jacket and sleeps beside him. Come morning she wakes up and prays for the man that is still asleep before wandering into a field where Wallace finds her along with some officers. After she explains where she has been Wallace and the other officers get their distance before Wallace breaks out into a sprint away from the woman who is carrying his baby.

Next is Billy Thatcher, a boy who bumps into Nukeface and the same kid who was playing and yelling out the name before. He explains that Wallace and Treasure baby will be born deformed and Nukeface is nowhere to be found. Abby's story is next and begins with her waking alone in the swamp. She goes to work and has a vision of Alec in pain. After work she returns home for a flashlight and searches the swamp for him. When she finds him he is nearly dead and he explains to her that he will try to regrow a new body, if he doesn't survive he tells her that he loves her.

The last story is dedicated to Nukeface. He wakes and thinks back to the previous days. He remembers "Ed" and him sharing the last of his drink with him. Then he remembers running into Billy Thatcher and he dreamt of a lady who kept him warm in the night. He decides he still needs his drinks and goes off on the road in search for more.

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