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Something dirty, evil and dangerous is haunting Swamp Thing's home and it's left a massacre in its wake. But when Swamp Thing sees its true horror, he may not be able to stop its menace!

This issue begins with a short prologue which shows Alec and Abby relaxing in the swamp with pieces of newspaper flying around carried by the wind. Next we are shown two strangers out in the forest part of the swamp. One man continues to call the other Ed regardless of the fact that his name is Bob. With nighttime upon them one builds a fire and in the light they can see each others faces, Bob is horrified to see his company's disfigured face. Though he is never officially named this, Nukeface, decides to share his drink and story with "Ed".

We find out that Nukeface is from Blossomville, Pennsylvania, and he is here in Louisiana because he is following his "stash". Back in Blossomville there used to be a mine and when the mine was closed they would dump nuclear waste down into it. This waste became Nukeface's drink of choice and so when the government sealed off the mine and his accessibility to the waste, he followed them to the next dump site. While telling this story Bob has slowly been dying due to the drink that the shared; it turned out to be nuclear waste.

Away from all this we are introduced to two characters, Treasure and Wallace Monroe. Wallace works for the government company that dumps the waste and is visiting Blossomville after his decision to dump the waste there. Since they are now dumping elsewhere the guilty Wallace is visiting Blossomville for the last time. Back in the swamp Alec dreams of "Deathtown", a future where the swamp has been destroyed by the nuclear waste. Awaking from this premonition he goes off to explore the swamp.

Back in the forest, with Bob dead, Nukeface goes off in search of his stash. He finds it sinking into the mud. Desperate he tries to find a way to save the barrels of waste. Suddenly Swamp Thing appears, Nukeface sees him and cries: "Ed? That you? Ya gotta help me, buddy… they buried it." Crying Nukeface comes over and touches Alec causing him to topple over in pain. Nukeface tries to help him up but instead burns him again with his touch. Nukeface decides to leave him alone and let him rest before sharing his drink and telling Alec the story of Pennsylvania.

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