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Note: This issue is in 3 different parts. The cover is drawn in homage to the House of Secrets #92 cover but with Abby rather than Linda.

Part 1: Pages 1-6 written by Alan Moore and drawn by Ron Randall.

Part 2: Pages 7-14 reprint of the House of Secrets #92 - Swamp Thing written by Len Wein and drawn by Berni Wrightson.

Part 3: Pages 15-20 written by Alan Moore and drawn by Ron Randall.

Pin-ups replace the last 3 pages.

The first part of this issue begins with Abby in a dream, walking to the gates of a cemetery with 2 houses on a hill. Here she meets 2 men named Abel and Cain. Cain asks her to choose between a mystery or secret, or in other words, him or his brother. Abby chooses the gentler Abel and they enter the House of Secrets. Inside Abel begins to search for something and in the meantime he mentions other stories and other secrets before finding what he was looking for. A golden bracelet that reminds him off a particular story; he tell Abby to sit as he begins his tale.

This second part can be found in House of Secrets #92 - Swamp Thing as it is a reprint of this specific story.

The third part finds Abby in an uproar because the story bears such similarity with that of Alec's. Abel explains that Alec Holland was not the first Swamp Thing but the newest one in a long series of elemental champions. Abel now rushes her to the exits with the information she has so she can tell Alec this truth.Cain suddenly appears and tell Abel and Abby that she cannot be allowed to leave with the secret because secrets cannot be shared. He goes for Abby but Abel tackles him to the ground. Cain smashes Abel's head with a rock (this is an allegory for the biblical Cain and Abel) and tells Abby to leave.

She awakens and begins to write down the story from the dream, but her phone rings. After she hangs up she looks at the paper that she began to write on and wonders why she started at all, then throws it out.

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