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This critically acclaimed, stand-alone issue stars a crew of tiny extraterrestrial critters landing in the Louisiana swamps in search of a place to call home. But the beings discover harsh realities in this homage to the classic Pogo comic strip.

This issue begins with an introduction the "shipboss" Pog as he and his crew land onto the planet Earth. He mentions that they are there to "Find the Lady". Pog disembarks with his crew including Bartle and The Hystricide among others. They searched the swamp on floating platforms before bumping into Swamp Thing. Frightening one of the crew Dr. Strigiforme blasts him and Alec falls to the ground.

When Alec regains consciousness only Pog is left there by his side. He apologizes and they shake hands and begin an arduous attempt at disseminating information. Alec decides to draw pictures in the mud to communicate and here we get the back story of Pog and his people. On their "old lady", or planet, they all lived harmonious lives until monkey-like creatures formed their own civilization on the planet and subsequently took it over. They have been on the search for a new home ever since.

Pog also explains that they have the means to repopulate any planet they find suitable for life through cloning as they had taken tissue samples from every peace-loving creature on their planet. He states that they would be willing to share it with the dominant species if they are allowed refuge. Swamp Thing understands this and decides to take him to the nearest town, Baton Rouge.

In the background while Pog and Alec were talking Bartle had taken a swim in a nearby lake. There he sees crocodiles who he believes are intelligent enough like him to communicate. Back in Baton Rouge Pog sees that humans are the dominant life-form and horrified exclaims: "They can't own this lady, too!" They return and as they reach the encampment hear a scream. They run to the source and see Bartle in the jaws of two separate crocs. Alec attacks the beasts and frees Bartle but when he finishes with them finds Bartle motionless, dead.

They bury him, and have a small funeral. Pog says goodbye to Alec, and they return to their ship. They blast off and leave the Earth, in the hopes of finding a suitable place to live, one they hope will not be in vain.







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