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  1. Cover by Steve Bissette and John Totleben.
  2. "The Brimstone Ballet" written by Alan Moore, penciled by Rick Veitch, inked by John Totleben, colored by Tatjana Wood and lettered by John Costanza.


  • First issue to bear the "Sophisticated Suspense" banner, which was meant to stop people from just assuming it was "alright for the children" since the Comics Code of Authority had been abandoned.

After finding Abby dead last issue we see Swamp Thing wishing for her to come back to life. He is angered and leaves he house in rage. Arcane blows up the house and ask Swamp Thing if he has at last learned despair. Swamp Thing responds:

You did not… have to kill her… to teach me despair, Arcane… but you have given me… a deeper understanding… of abomination.

Arcane claims that not only is Abby dead but he has possession of her soul which is now damned. He tells Swamp Thing that the reason he returned was for revenge on him and Abby, but now his goal is to usher in an "apocalypse". He sends Swamp Thing running after attacking him with wasps. As he runs, Alec thinks back to all that foreshadowed these events and he decides he must now face the consequences head on.

He stops running and turns to face Arcane. He punches Arcane who is taken aback because he has been harmed. Arcane comments that the only way that would be possible is if Swamp Thing was an elemental. Swamp Thing tosses Arcane around when Matt is suddenly revived within his own body and tries to fight Arcane for possession. Matt throws Arcane out and with his last strength brings Abby back to life but fails to retrieve her soul.

Matt seemingly dies and Alec leaves him on the side of the road when 2 officers pick him. Alec carries Abby back to the swamp where he comments that she is still dead, and out of his reach. This story line actually concludes in the Swamp Thing Annual #2 rather than the next issue The Saga of Swamp Thing #32.

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