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Swamp Thing's greatest foe slowly emerges through Matt Cable's body, as a reign of fear and chaos sweeps across Louisiana--and this is just his first stop!


  • First issue not approved by the Comics Code of Authority.

This issue starts with random rooms of Abby and Matt's home. Pieces of clothing and objects all lie on the ground and finally we see Abby bloodied and unconscious on the floor of the kitchen. Here we enter her dream where she is in the swamp with Alec. She recalls that he does not want to be called Alec but he insists it is fine since he has made his peace and it would be easier. They hug and she notices how nice he smells. Then the dream twists and she remembers events leading up to her current state.

Matt has seemingly bought a house and found a job. They visit the house and go inside to explore it a little before Matt shows her where he now works. She finds out he is now working at a place called Blackriver Recorporations. She meets the other employees and for a second sees dead people before they turn normal. Feeling ill she asks Matt to take her home. There they make love but still dreaming Abby tries to forcibly deny it and is sent into Alec's dream. In his dream he finds a dead bird that for some reason is still moving.

Leaving Alec's dream she remembers her trip to the library where she stumbles on a book entailing the life of one of the employees at Blackriver. The books claims that the woman Sally Parks is a murderer who had died 22 years ago. Suddenly she is horrified as she begins to realize what is really going on. She panics as a stench rises and is coming from her so she tries to wash and clean and burn the smell away but to no avail and finally she passes out from scraping herself.

Now awake she dresses and prepares to leave. But as she does Matt arrives bringing the Blackriver employees with him. They grab her and Matt asks her to beg uncle. Then we see Swamp Thing who finds the dead bird and finds it filled with bugs.

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