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Swamp Thing revisits his origins and buries the past in this heart-felt issue with guest art by Shawn McManus.

Following the evens of the Monkey King we see Swamp Thing digging a hole in the rain. He wonders how deep it must be before having a flashback to earlier that day. He is walking with Abby who comments on the autumn cheerily. Swamp Thing notices her good mood and asks her how she is doing. Just as she replies that she has been doing well Swamp Thing sees the ghost of Alec Holland. Abby notices that he is no longer paying attention and calls him Alec to get his attention but Swamp Thing replies in anger "Don't… keep... calling me... Alec!" He leaves and tells her Alec Holland is dead.

Swamp Thing searches for the ghost and when he finds him follows him back to the lab where his death occurred. Inside the lab memories of Swamp Thing's life before, as Alec, show Linda and then the gangsters who set the bomb which killed him. After it explodes Swamp Thing follows the burning body to the water where he await the rise of himself. When the ghost Swamp Thing does rise it shows where to go find the body then disappears. Swamp Thing follows the directions and find a skeleton at the bottom of the swamp. He picks it up and we are brought back to the present.

Swamp Thing finishes digging and places the skeleton in the ground and walks away. We catch the ghost Alec smiling and staring at Swamp Thing as he walks away, then disappears.







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