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The Monkey King is fighting against The Swamp Thing and The Demon, Abby takes Paul and advised by The Swamp Thing, takes him to the swamp, where they believed he would be safer. The Demon leaves the fight and goes after Paul and Abby, trying to destroy Paul in order to make The Monkey King leave this plane but The Swamp Thing, who has also followed them fights him so he would set him Paul free.

When Abby was running from them trying to protect Paul, The Monkey King shows up and attacks Abby. Watching this, Paul reacts to defend Abby and fronts the demon showing him that he wasn't afraid anymore, by doing so, the demon loses power and strength and is finally ate by The Demon. When everything's over, The Demon warns Abby about something, but the message was unclear; Abby follows him to find out what he meant but when she reaches he, he has became Jason Blood and wouldn't have conscience about what The Demon have told her, but he tells her that sometimes demons share words of wisdom and sometimes, they even say the truth.

Meanwhile, Matthew Cable was seriously injured by the car accident he was in when he is visited by Arcane, who offers him a deal so he could stay alive; Matt thinks it's all a hallucination but in the end he accepts opening his mouth, this is how Arcane takes over his body and Matt dies.

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