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For this issue you can refer to issue Swamp Thing #10 - The Man Who Would Not Die as this is essentially a reprint of that issue. Pages 1-2, 22-23 are written by Pasko and describe minor events.

Pages 1-2 describe Swamp Thing, Abigail Cable, and Matthew Cable being attacked by apparitions that have come to destroy them. Elsewhere Harry Kay and Arcane are aboard an aircraft owned and operated by Arcane. There he tells Harry why he wants to find and kill Alec Holland.

Pages 3-22 recount the issue The Man Who Would Not Die. Here a fugitive attempts to murder an old woman in the swamp for her cauldron of stew. Before the Swamp Thing can intervene though, the convict dies from sustained bullet wounds. The woman named Auntie Bellum is not scared of Swamp Thing, and tells him a story of the plantation that used to be on the site, and the cruel slave master that owned it. Now it is only a cemetery holding the bodies of the souls buried here. As soon as she finishes the tale, she tells the Swamp Thing that they are being watched by "unholy things" and he runs off to find out what they are.

He finds out that the eyes belong to Arcane and his Un-Men who have tracked down and prepared to ambush Swamp Thing. The Un-Men attack and pin Swamp Thing down while Arcane reintroduces himself and tells Alec the story of how he came to be. After dying from the fall in Swamp Thing #2 - The Man Who Wanted Forever Arcane's followers, led by Cranius, transferred his brain to a body rebuilt from the corpses at his workshop of horrors.

Swamp Thing breaks free and lunges at Arcane. While they fight Swamp Thing is knocked unconscious. Suddenly moans are heard and the souls that inhabit the cemetery are freed and revealed to be the spirits of the former slaves from the plantation. They attack and seemingly kill Arcane. When he regains consciousness Swamp Thing sees only a headstone reading Arcane, and leaves it be.

Pages 22-23 shows Matthew Cable willing away the apparitions that attack him and realizes that he created them"...out of some self-destructive urge…". Then it is seen that Arcane takes Harry to be put to death for a "metamorphosis".

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