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Phantom Stranger back-up entitled "The Man Who Isn't There".

This issue finds Harry Kay, Dennis Barclay, Karen Clancy, Liz Tremayne, Swamp Thing, and Grasp a.k.a. Walter Ellenback trapped in a fortress created by Karen Clancy's psionic energy. Dennis and Harry are stuck fighting Grasp who shoots at them with his laser gun. Swamp Thing hears his allies in need and runs to save them by dropping a gargoyle and then jumping on Grasp. Suddenly Karen (possessing Liz's body) appears and "...hurls a sphere of unearthly light toward them." and disintegrates Grasp. Karen vanishes and everyone begins to search for her.

They separate and each is taken through past horrors. Dennis and Swamp Thing are taken through an illusional world where they encounter "The Beast" Karen is meant to release. When they escape the illusion they find Liz no longer being possessed by Karen and free her from the clutches of the Golem. Swamp Thing destroys the Golem using psionic energy that he has siphoned off from the locket (that once belonged to Karen) that he carries, then he levitates off to find Harry.

Harry is seen hanging off the edge of a castle cliff. A revived but possessed Grasp (possessed by the Beast) tries to stomp Harry off the cliff but Swamp Thing arrives to destroy both the Beast and Karen with burst of psionic energy. After the defeat the fortress disappears to reveal they have been on the same road there were on when this first started. Swamp Thing dumps the locket and the crystal of Ernst Von Ruhnstedt into a river off a bridge. Barclay injects Swamp Thing with an antibiotic to cure him of the degenerative disease and they finally return to the Lousiana swamp where Alec plunges himself to regenerate lost tissue.

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