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The journey continues for James Jensen, once a soldier in the British Army in the 19th century India and now The Sadhu, a spiritual warrior seeking shelter from the storm that rages in his soul. Somewhere in his journey from limbo into the corporeal world, James seems to be trapped in a place where the distinction between dreams and reality are blurred. This Dreamtime is a manifestation of a collective unconsciousness, where nothing is as it seems. Seeking to rescue a someone he loves from the clutches of the evil Silent Ones, James encounters a being who alters his perception of reality forever. Can James face his own darkest fears and desires, and find a way out of this place before it claims his sanity?

Formerly of the British Army, James Jensen continues his journey as The Sadhu, a spiritual warrior seeking peace from the turbulence of his soul. In his journey from limbo to the real world, James appears to be trapped in a waking dream. It is the manifestation of man’s collective unconsciousness and he must struggle through it in an attempt to save his love from the Silent Ones. Insanity threatens if Jensen cannot face his darkest fears and desires to find a way out.







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