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Comic Version

.A minor foe of Static in the comics, he was mentioned in the New 52 by Static, showing that the Rubberband Man still exists after the two universes merged, the only confirmed villain to still exist after the merger of the two universes aside from Holocaust and Dr. Nemo

Animated Version

Adam Evans is an former enemy of Static created from the Big Bang. After he discovered his powers, he went after a record producer who stole his music. His attempts at getting revenge were thwarted by Static. After being sent to prison, he escaped and went into hiding. He chose not to pursue a career as a criminal, but instead took up the identity of a new rapper named Stringer. Stringer became a famous hip-hop star and began dating Virgil's sister Sharon. It wasn't until an accident at one of his shows when he blew his cover as the Rubberband Man. Though he did fight Static again, his dates with Sharon Hawkins changed him so he didn't hold a grudge with Static. Adam convinces Sharon to see if her father can't help him get into a different prison to avoid the discrimination he gets for being a Bang Baby. After the deal is made, he serves the rest of his time and then is set free.

After his release, Adam continues to make his music and even becomes an ally of Static against evil. When he starts his career as a crimefighter, it shows that his brother is Ebon. His is later shown to be dyslexic.

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