IDW will be giving him a full series.

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After a successful mini-series in 2011, IDW has decided to bring back The Rocketeer this summer and give him his own full series (or mini-series; depending on what website you go to they say it's either or) for the first time in nearly twenty series. The series is to be written by the great Mark Waid and illustrated by Chris Samnee. Waid is a huge fan of Dave Steven's creation saying:

"All I can tell you is that as someone who bought all the original Rocketeer comics as they came out and read them until they fell apart, every page of Dave's work is burned into my brain and we intend to come at Rocketeer with the same sense of respect and honor that Dave himself showed to his forebears."

The Rocketeer is one of those sadly underloved characters and hopefully if this all goes well, the series will last for a while. Mark Waid is a great writer so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Source:

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The more Rocketeer the better. Waid is a good choice also. 

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love it!!!

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that's awesome news! can't wait!

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Old Finn Head needs a ongoing series !

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I actually Emailed IDW to see if they'd release more Rocketeers more often because each series has been years apart. They said they want to make it more frequently. Here is their response.

We're planning the next two series right now, so you might just get your wish, or maybe with a month off between series. We want each one to feel special and be special, but we also want to keep them coming.

I had to buy the 8 chapters that Dave released and am following Cargo of Doom. I also plan on buying Adventures I and II.

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