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Secretly founded by Cameron Hodge, The Right is a paramilitary organisation dedicated to the extermination of all mutants. The Right employed commandos in high-tech battle suits equipped with various weaponry; each suit painted with an eerie smiley face on the face. In the past, The Right has employed scientist and inventors such as Nanny for their cause.


Hodge & Right Armour

In the past, The Right has had numerous conflicts with X-Factor (kidnapping their young wards), were in league with the Ani-Mator when he kidnapped the New Mutants (and were involved in the battle when Cypher was killed) and various members of the X-Men. The Right disappeared for many years after the apparent death of Cameron Hodge.

The Right Pursuing X-23

However, Cameron Hodge had made a deal with the demon N'Astirh which made him immortal. He returned to plague the X-Men on various ocasions, but was again resurrected by the Purifiers. Aided by the zealot organisation, Hodge resurrected the Right. The distinctive smile faced armor was used to arm hundreds of mutant-hating soldiers. X-Force encountered them as they attempted to retrieve & destroy a sample of the Legacy Virus from one of Mr Sinister's old laboratories. The Right were unsuccessful as X-23 was accidentally infected (and susequently healed by a combination of her own healing factor & Elixir's curative powers).

Army Of Right Soldiers

The Right was later sent after Cable & Hope Summers after their eventual return to the present day (at the start of Second Coming). The former New Mutants (now a squad of fully fledged X-Men) were sent to shut down Cameron Hodge's factory. Karma was able to slow down many of the forces by controlling the minds of the soldiers, and forcing them to kill other armoured soldiers. When she was critically injured by Hodge, Cypher convinced Warlock to absorb the life force of any remaining soldiers (therefore breaking Warlock's oath never to harm other living beings).

The Right have not been seen in action since the Second Coming.

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