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Hop in the passenger seat and buckle up for a new series about a 1968 Camaro and the people who come in contact with it. Each story arc focuses on a character whose life is dramatically affected by a situation involving the vehicle. Is it stolen? Is it cursed? Is it simply a car, or something much more? A diverse body of creators will showcase their unique talents and show you THE RIDE of your life!

"Wheels of Change," Part One

Meet Samantha Vega, a rookie detective with the Atlanta P.D. During a drug stakeout with her grizzled veteran partner, Frank Simms, she learns of her brother's brutal murder in a small college town. Now, the two cops must survive a fiery road trip in order to find her brother's killer. Don't miss the first issue of this innovative new series!

"This is exciting. Some of my all time favorite artists gathering for new creator-owned work. Bring it, Gaijin."

- Brian Michael Bendis, writer of POWERS and DAREDEVIL.

"To my mind, the Gaijin boys are some of the most underappreciated (and flatulent) creators I have encountered in this industry. It's incredibly exciting to see them on a concept worthy of their time, effort and collective talents. I will be there for THE RIDE."

- Paul Jenkins, writer of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN

"THE RIDE has all the makings of an incredible comic book: An innovative concept with potential for limitless variation in directions that transcend genre. But most importantly to me, it's loaded with some of my favorite creators in the business! I can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on this one."

- Mike Wieringo, artist of FANTASTIC FOUR.







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