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The Rhinemaidens are the guardians of the Rhine gold in the works of Richard Wagner. They were original characters, not adapted from the mythological sources of Wagner. However, scholars point out that their creator drew inspiration from a variety of sources. Including Lorelei (the water spirit/siren who supposedly haunts the River Rhine), the Hesperides (nyhps, guardians of the golden apples in Greek mythology), the Oceanids (sea nymphs of Greek legend), and the unnamed daughters of the sea god Aegir (in Norse mythology).

The Rhinemaidens mention a father who tasked them with guarding the treasure. But, nowhere does Wagner mention who was their father. While the plays feature them as immortal and as associates of the Germanic Gods (Asgardians), they are depicted as uninvolved in the Ragnarok. Surviving the fall of the gods.

They are depicted as charming, playful, and even childlike innocents. But also provocative, sarcastic, and even cruel. Ar times flirtatious, at times ruthless.

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