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During Bilbo's 129th, birthday Bilbo discovers he has 9 fingers. And the tale of Return of the King is told to him.

While trying to rescue Frodo, Sam questions his right to claim the ring and after a little temptation hold back from using it for his own goals.

Meanwhile at Minas Tirith, Gandalf warns Denethor of the coming attack only to find out he already knows and isn't going to do a thing about it.

We now go back to Sam who rescues Frodo and returns to him the ring. Along the way they are attacked by Gollum their former guide. Frodo then goes into Mt. Doom.

Now we return to Gandalf and the great battle...Battle of Pelenor Fields takes place, Rohan arrives and saves Gondor from it doom.

Sam finds Frodo in Mt. Doom fighting with Gollum over the ring. Gollum wins it and in a moment of happiness dances off the edge. Destroying himself and the ring.

The Film then concludes with Frodo accompanying Bilbo to the Grey Havens.

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