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Tim confronts Damian again on why is he has come back.

Damian Wayne who had dissapered since the events in Batman and son has been taken to the Australian Outback where he learns about his grandfather Ra's al Ghul. Secretly a loyal servant of Ras ah Ghul who is believed to be dead since events in Batman:Death of the Maidens secretly plans to use Damian's body as a host to place Ra's soul inside and bring him back to the land of the living. Unfortunately,Talia who realizes that the process would result in the death of Damian quickly rescues him. However Ra's is still able to return without the Damian's body but in the form of a mummified corpse. Damian who is in need rushed back to the Batcave to seek out Batman's help.As he arrives he meets Robin instead who says he expected him sooner. Robin who doesn't believe Damian's story engages in battle with him. As the fight goes on Damian is able to escape and in the hall bumps in to a surprised Alfred who believes his story about Ra's al Ghul resurrection. Robin catches up with Damian and two battle once again while outside Wayne Manor,ninjas of the League of Assassins surround the place. Meanwhile in Asia, Batman saves Talia from being held captive by League ninja for her letting Damian escape and set off after Ra's Al Ghul.Batman then contacts Nightwing and tell him to arrive at Wayne Manor to help Damian and Robin. Nightwing arrives and fights several villains hired by Talia to retrieve Damian including the Silken Spider, Dragon Fly

and Tiger Moth. After saving Alfred from being hurt by a league ninja,he asks Alfred to get the jet ready to leave for Asia. Unfortunately the villains hired by Talia are hit by a poison darts that slowly kill them. Without a choice,Nightwing goes to save them and leaves Robin and Damian unguarded. He manages to save them but the poison affects their brains, never to be fully functional again. Robin and Damian are captured and brought back to Tibet to meet Ras al Ghul. Upon being brought to Ra's the two get up and fight the ninjas as they were only pretending to be unconscious. Damian abandons Robin alone with Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's attempts to manipulate Robin by tempting him with the chance to bring his parents back to life,Robin pretend to be interested and Ra's sensing this knocks him out.Outside the base Batman and Talia are getting closer to Ra's only to run into more of his henchmen, defeating them with help from I-Ching. Batman, Talia, and I-Ching continue to a Lhasian mountain where they find a secret entrance to Ra's's headquarters. On meeting, Ra's and Batman engage in battle, but Ra's body is immune to pain due to it being a corpse. Ra's then brings out Robin and Damian,and offers Batman the choice of which body Ra's should choose. Batman offers his own body, but Ra's refuses,wanting a younger one.

Batman then offers to take Ra's to Nanda Parbat wherein lies the Fountain of Essence, a Lazarus Pit but without the dangerous after-effects.As they travel there,they discover the temple is under attack by the Sensei(another leader of the League of Assassins). Batman and Ra's also discover that the Sensei is Ra's father. After fighting off his men,Batman and Ra's fight the Sensei who takes down Ra's quickly. The sensei then attacks Batman breaking Batman's arm, blind him, and impale his chest with his cane saying that although Batman has had years to train,the Sensei has had century's.In a final move Batman knocks Sensei into the Fountain of Life and as both which kills him for not being a pure soul. Ra's meanwhile escapes by possessing a monk of Nanda Parbat and leaves. Batman emerges out of the fountain slightly younger then before and screams out for Ra's. Meanwhile,Robin confronts the White Ghost wanting to restore his parents back to life.The White Ghost but only if Tim swears his undying loyalty to Ra's Al Ghul in which Robin agrees. As he ascend to the chamber Robin is met by I-ching who does not stop him and Nightwing who does plan to stand in Robins way.


Robin engages in battle with Nightwing while arguing about the justification of bringing his parents back.Nightwing leaves Robin hoping trusting him to make the right choice, which Robin does and brakes down and is comforted by Nightwing.Back at Nanda Parbat,Ra's attempts once again to claim Damian's body but Batman arrives just in time. As the battle starts back up arrives. Talia attempts to retrieve Damian but he chooses to assist Batman instead,she then knocks him out and escapes.Ra's life is finally preserved by The White Ghost, who is his disowned son Dusan, who offers his "imperfect" body to gain his father's respect. Dusan dies due to the process and Ra's with his new body engages once again against Batman. Ra's is defeated and banised by the monks of Nanda Parbat to leave,the temple begins to collapses forcing everybody to leave.Aboard the jet with Dick, Tim and Alfred, Bruce discusses the importance and value of family and makes a toast.Alfred then reminds him that it is Christmas. 

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