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Formerly known as Mutant Force

The Resistants were first known as the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and led by Magneto. Magneto would abandon the group and the band of mutants consisting of Lifter, Burner, Shocker, Peepers and Slither would become Mutant Force. As Mutant Force, they would serve Professor Power, Mandrill and the Secret Empire on several occasions and often come into conflict with the Defenders. All original members of Mutant Force except Slither would reform to become the Resistants.

The mutant group known as the Resistants.

The Resistants formed as a militant group that violently opposed the Mutant Registration Act. They try to liberate a number of unregistered mutants and have them join their cause. They first came into conflict with the new Captain America and Battlestar after they apprehend an unregistered mutant named Quill. The original group of Resistants, consisting of Meteorite, Occult, Paralyzer and Crucible, managed to defeat Captain America and Battlestar. They escaped with Quill and he would later join the Resistants.

Mentallo joins the group.

The Resistants would later free a mutant named Marvin Flumm better known as Mentallo. They ambushed the armor vehicle while he was being transported to the Vault. They take out a number of Guardsmen and escape with Mentallo to their secret stronghold in Death Valley, California. Occult explained to Mentallo that many of the Resistants were known mutants and obliged to discard their old aliases and assume new ones in order to regain their anonymity. Meteorite also told Mentallo that some of them used to work for the government as Mutant Force but was eventually replaced by Freedom Force when the committee that organized them lost their funding. Mentallo joins the Resistant's cause and changes his name to Think-Tank.

The Commission on Superhuman Activities set up a plan with Freedom Force to stage a trial for a known mutant in order to lure the Resistants to the open. They would allow the Resistants to liberate the mutant on trial in order to find out their headquarters. The mutant on trial is suppose to be Quicksilver but would actually be the shape shifting mutant Mystique. They would launch a full scale attack on the Resistants once the signal was activated. John Walker was assigned to back up Freedom Force on this trap. The Resistants head over to the courthouse but Think-Tank discovers the trap with his telepathic abilities. Meteorite attacks the courthouse by launching a huge slab of rock at Freedom Force. John Walker as Captain America disregards the initial plans and attacks the Resistants by himself. He manages to defeat the Resistants and all the unregistered mutants from that group are apprehended.

The Resistants reappeared sometime later during a pro-mutant demonstration in front of the capitol where Magneto showed up. The Resistants asked Magneto to join them but the master of magnetism started attacking his fellow mutants. Captain America came to the rescue and defeated Magneto which turned out to be a robot created by Machinesmith.

Three members of the Resistants named Meteorite, Crucible and Occult came across the Super Patriot posing as Captain America and his partner named Lou that had shapeshifted into the Night Flyer. The Resistants were planning to attack the Mutant Liberation Front when they came across the Captain America impostor. They decided to attack them so they could reassure their preeminence among mutant teams if they could take down a legend like Captain America. Meteorite had his enemies trapped inside a gravity field when Lou changed into Death Adder and turn the tables on the Resistants. The Captain America impostor and Death Adder defeated the Resistants when Code Blue arrived and apprehended the mutants.

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