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Shows Promise

First books are always complicated. You've got to sell your premise, introduce your principals, and get the story rolling at an interesting pace. The Red Wing does an adequate job selling its premise and piquing interest, but it has yet to completely sell me on its concept.

The concept of wars fought across time kind of makes the brain hurt, but at least Hickman seems to emphasize that time is a closed loop, so there are no paradoxes, which helps things out a bit. I'm not sure if the emblem on the cover is meant to be an ouroboros since it's not actually chomping its own tail, but that would emphasize the point he goes and takes two near blank pages to state.

I don't foresee this book being an easy read. Hickman gets deep into sci-fi in his other work and especially in non-linear time travel (see SHIELD), so expect this book to be dense. Familiar Hickman themes seem to be in place, fathers and sons, fate, etc.

The art is good. I like how weird, yet plausible the tech designs look.

Hickman has me interested in seeing where this goes. If you're looking to pick up an interesting non-hero book, this is as promising a title to read as any.

Posted by CombatSpoon86
Great review. I enjoyed Red Wing story very much. Great Writing and Great Artwork. I just got my issues signed and sketched by Nick Pitarra Himself on Saturday. Super fun and nice guy. 
Posted by JonesDeini

Great review, bro. I forsee this having the potential to be one of my favorite comics of the year. It's other likely competitors would of course be written by Jonathan Hickman :P

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