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Shows Promise 0

First books are always complicated. You've got to sell your premise, introduce your principals, and get the story rolling at an interesting pace. The Red Wing does an adequate job selling its premise and piquing interest, but it has yet to completely sell me on its concept.The concept of wars fought across time kind of makes the brain hurt, but at least Hickman seems to emphasize that time is a closed loop, so there are no paradoxes, which helps things out a bit. I'm not sure if the emblem on th...

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Themes. 0

Hickman seems to be working the same ideas in different books. He goes into what's beyond the surface of conflict and finds a deeper meaning. The discussion about their training being less focused on maneuvers and tactics, and being more in tune with ideology, makes this appear the same as S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I love, btw).   This books show a lot of promise, but I do wish it was either an ongoing, because Hickman can take his time telling a story.   3.5/5 ...

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Pushing through The Paradox 0

In the 23rd century a war waged through time will determine the fate of humanity   The Good I'm all about sci-fi stories and feel that it's a genre that underrepresented in the medium, even at the creator owned/indy level. That being said, The Red Wing is a breath of fresh air and a welcome addition to my long box.   The premise of fighting a war throughout time really allows for Nick Pitarra to do some very interesting things visually. The first couple of pages in the comic really establishes t...

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An interesting and fun futuristic tale! 0

I'm a pretty big fan of Jonathan Hickman and this futuristic Top Gun styled time travel story is right in his wheelhouse. This four part mini-series from Image Comics uses a lot of proven formulas  but with a scientific twist that Hickman is known for.  Hickman gives us a futuristic military story that follows life-long friends and now cadets Valin and Dominic. They arrive at a space station called Valhalla in hopes of qualifying to fly the military's TAC II fighters. Time travel has been incor...

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