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The Red Circle School was a British Public School so called because  the buildings where built from red sandstone, each situated facing each other in a circle around the center quad. 

The other thing to distinguish the Red Circle was that the boys who attended it were separated into three houses. 

Home House:  also called Homers, that housed boys from Great Britain.  

Trans-Atlantic House: Better known as Yank house, where students from America and Canada lived during the school year and 

Colonial House: or the Conks, where boys from all parts of the British Empire where housed.  

As would be expected there was a great deal of rivalry between the houses.
One of the main areas of contention each year being  which instructor would be the House Master of each house, with the most hoped for one being young and understanding “sport” Dixie Dale, while old Mr. Wagstaff was tolerated as “an old fashion beast, but a fair beast”, and short tempered, sneaking  Mr. Smugg or Smuggy, with his every ready cane, being the least liked and most feared teacher.  

In the more than 20 years of their recorded adventures the boys and teachers of The Red Circle engaged in both high jinks and high adventure, and even occasionally  a moderate amount of learning.

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