pspin's The Ravagers #8 - Pray That Ye May Be Healed! review

Ravagers #8 Review

Ravagers #8 Review


Rose and Warblade try to do the right thing while being the focus of the issue.

The Good:

The issue is a nice change of pace that gets a bit more into the minds of the henchmen. Although Rose and Warblade are the primary antagonists for the series, they are not much more than glorified henchmen if you think about it, and this issue gets into what they do when they fail to meet Harvest’s standards. Some of the mystery of what Harvest is doing is lifted here, even if it doesn’t reveal much, the change of pace is nice to see.

Michael Alan Nelson wrote this issue and there is definitely a difference here, it isn’t as bad as much as just straight up different. Nelson does a good job at explaining what is going on and why Rose acts the way she does.

Ig Guara draws the issue and does a great job. Everything is very detailed and looks very crisp, Warblade in particular looks good. Tony Avina’s colors are really good and compliment the art well.

The Bad:

Some of the dialogue is a bit hard to swallow, mostly from the sheriff, who is clearly insane as no one in their right mind would act like he did to Rose and Warblade after seeing what was going on.

I try not to compare writers too much as it can take away from the enjoyment of the issue but Nelson is clearly different from Howard Mackie and the difference is noticeable, I liked the issue and Nelson did a good job, but he does not have the same familiarity with the characters and it shows a little bit.


Overall, this was a good change of pace from the regular team that allowed the series to catch its breath and it works. While Nelson does not have the same handle on the characters as Howard Mackie does, it seems to be from this being the only issue he has written. The issue really shines with the art by Ig Guara, it is a major bonus and looks great.

4 out of 5

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