pspin's The Ravagers #7 - Ghosts of Future Present review

Ravagers #7 Review

Ravagers #7 Review


The team fights Rose and Warblade.

The Good:

The story is good but a bit confusing. It involves a rather long flash-forward that doesn’t really indicate when it starts or ends, it does make the story interesting and it is good, it is just a bit on the confusing side at first. Overall, the story is a major step up and really brings the characters in the right direction. Rose and Fairchild’s interactions are really good since they are basically opposite side of the same coin. The ending brings back a classic villain and leaves the reader wanting more.

The writing by Howard Mackie is once again great. He is really doing a great job with this series. It was a little slow out of the gate but the last several issues have been better than the last. He really balances character development and action very well here and it pays off big time, creating an action packed and entertaining issue that also moves forward well and showing that each team member is a different person. The way that he handles Superboy is great, pushing him into a supporting role, this is nice because not only is Superboy in his own series, he is in the H’el on Earth crossover, so seeing him present but sidelined is nice.

The art is split between Eduardo Pansica, Daniel HDR and Geraldo Borges and they do a great job. They all have different styles and when I saw the credits I was a bit skeptical but I am a believer. Despite the different styles of each artist, the difference is very subtle and this allows the art to flow together and create a beautiful issue that really looks amazing. Another great bonus is the colors by Tony Avina, the colors are a bit muted and this creates a darker atmosphere and goes great with the tone of the story. It also ties the art together. Another interesting thing about the art is that it is not inked (I believe) and it creates an interesting visual style that looks cool.

The cover by Ian Churchill and Hi-fi is pretty cool too.

The Bad:

While the end had an interesting reveal, the end of the confrontation was a little weak; it wasn’t bad it was just kind of weak compared to the rest of the story. Also when Fairchild confronts Niles at the end, it seemed a bit out of character for her, it was a bit of a 180 and unless after she starts shouting, she starts whispering, the entire team heard it and that isn’t good.

This is a bit nitpicky on my part but early in the series, in Superboy, and in the Culling crossover, it seemed that Rose and Fairchild were good friends, or even romantically linked, but here they hate each other. I understand that everything can’t be revealed at once but their relationship keeps changing every time they meet and it is a little annoying, clarity would be nice here.


Overall this is the best issue yet of the series and really is great. It has everything, character development, action, an interesting cliffhanger and excellent art. This is probably one of the best Second Wave books and great writing and great art will only propel this series further. Here’s hoping that it stays that way.

5 (4.85) out of 5


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