pspin's The Ravagers #6 - ...Engage! review

Ravagers #6 Review

Ravagers #6 Review


The team bonds at the beach after some training before going on their first mission.

The Good:

This issue focuses a lot on the interpersonal relations that the team has and it might not be ground breaking but it moves the series forward. Seeing into how the team thinks and acts is nice, they all went through the same thing and are wary of outsiders, namely Superboy and Fairchild. Seeing them work as a team and even to relax on the beach is also really nice in a full circle kind of way. The end of the issue has a cliffhanger that really makes next issue look good as well.

Howard Mackie does a great job of keeping everyone balanced here but it comes at the cost of slowing down the story a bit. This sounds like a bad thing but the action and character development is well balanced and worth the slower pace. The series has gotten much better as it has progressed and this issue is proof of that.

Ian Churchill once again delivers great art that really captures the mood of the series as serious yet still containing some fun.

The Bad:

Mackie opens up a lot of doors to keep an air of mystery around the series and while it is alright, there is a big chance that many of the mysteries will not get answered or at the very least not satisfactorally. There is also a reference to the Swamp Thing – Animal Man crossover that is a little confusing but not debilitating.


Arguably the best issue yet from a great creative team as it is able to balance character development and action very well. There is even a nice cameo in the beginning that is really gives the feel of a shared universe and all in all makes the issue that much better.

4 out of 5


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