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The Psychotic Perspective: The Ravagers #5

Game Changer

The first issue of Ravagers started out stronger than I would have ever guessed a series spinning out from “The Culling” ever could be. Despite a strong start though, Ravagers has slowly devolved into a series of somewhat interesting heroes fighting a series of uninteresting and inconsequential foes. Since issue two, I've been longing for the series to establish some sort of purpose for the team, yet so far, they have failed to do so. Does Ravagers finally get to the point in this issue, or do we once again witness a series of mundane fights?

In this issue, The Ravagers check out their new base of operation, Fairchild does battle with Superboy to relieve some stress, and Thunder has an unexpected meltdown.


The gods of mediocre comics have looked down on me in love and granted my request. It appears that The Ravagers finally have a reason to exist. By the end of this issue,

The Ravagers learn that the metahuman processing colony where the team was trained and tortured is only one of over a dozen facilities worldwide, and they vow to free all the captured metahumans. While this is not the most original motivation for a team, it is not the most trite either, and since Teen Titans no longer seem concerned with N.O.W.H.E.R.E., there seems to be a need for such a team.

A New Team Member?

It appears that Superboy is joining The Ravagers ranks which is quite surprising to me. He already has a solo series and a spot on the Teen Titans. However, he dies fits well with the team since he was pretty much a Ravager already, but nonetheless, it seems DC is overexposing the character. On the other hand, maybe DC is trying to bolster low sales (this is pure speculation. I do not know DC’s sales numbers) by bringing a bigger name on board.

Ready? Fight!

As promised, the fight between Fairchild and Superboy was satisfying. I feared it would be stupid and unnecessary, but in reality, it was more of a sparring match than anything else. Still, it was fun to see these two titans in previously separate universes go head to head.

Someone Always Sounds Stupid

The dialogue always seems a bit off in this series. Usually, Thunder has been the culprit, but this time, I had no problem with him. On the other hand, Ridge ended this issue with a rather cringe worthy panel.


I am still skeptical of the series, but this issue has restored a little hope. Perhaps this direction is just what the series needed, and with a little luck, The Ravagers should improve from this point forward.

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