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Ravagers #5 Review 0

Ravagers #5 ReviewOverview:The team meets Niles Caulder and saves Thunder’s life.The Good:The team comes together here and it ties in with Superboy very nicely (SB #13 happens just before this). During the stay at Niles’ base the team learns why Thunder has headaches and what it means for the rest of them and the way the team becomes a team instead of a group of individuals is great, if not a little rushed. Ridge becomes a better character here and it kind of makes you wish he had a better name ...

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Let's talk...with our fists! 0

(No Spoilers)Picking up directly from where issue 4 left us, the group finally comes to some realizations that cause them to go from a group to a team. It's good to have the creative team of writer Howard Mackie with artist Ian Churchill again. I feel the stronger issues of the title so far have been the ones with both of them on board. This narrowly beat out Stormwatch as my favorite book this month.Ravagers has been a fun title since it launched in Wave 2 but has had some distractions. We've h...

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The Psychotic Perspective: The Ravagers #5 0

Game ChangerThe first issue of Ravagers started out stronger than I would have ever guessed a series spinning out from “The Culling” ever could be. Despite a strong start though, Ravagers has slowly devolved into a series of somewhat interesting heroes fighting a series of uninteresting and inconsequential foes. Since issue two, I've been longing for the series to establish some sort of purpose for the team, yet so far, they have failed to do so. Does Ravagers finally get to the point in this is...

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