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The Psychotic Perspective: The Ravagers #4


The Ravagers so far has been a pretty good series. There are definitely some problems with it, but overall, it has been a pleasant surprise. Does this issue continue to deliver quality entertainment, or is the quality of the series beginning to degrade?

In this issue, The Ravagers have been captured by the forces of Brother Blood, and Beast Boy and Terra mount a rescue.

Displeasure Rising

I am growing tired of this series. This is the forth issue, and The Ravagers are still bouncing around from conflict to conflict without any greater sense of direction. Brother Blood is fought in this issue, and by the end, we already have another battle staged with another heavy hitter. Non-stop action bores me.

Perhaps I would be less displeased with the pacing if we had a good reason for the different fights which keep occurring, but so far, the first two issues fights were the attempt of Harvest to drive away and then retrieve The Ravagers and the second two issues were focused on Brother Blood’s attempt to use the Ravagers to get to the every so cleverly named “Red Place.” We do not know why Brother Blood wants to get there or what the Red Place is. We do not know who Brother Blood’s mentor is. We do not know why The Ravagers blood is important. We do not know any of this going into the comic, and we do not know when we get done reading. It is time to start telling more cohesive and complete stories.

Mixed Bag

Beyond that, the rest of the issue was a mixed bag. The colors were very, very red this issue, and they kind of bored me. Brother Blood’s headpiece looked stupid. The dialogue was still a little off throughout the issue. Lightning was split from the rest of the team which is an odd choice considering she has barely had time to even be a member of the team. On the other hand, we got a good fight scene with The Ravagers

Unexpected Visitor

The Chief of Doom Patrol fame made an appearance in this issue. His pre-Flashpoint story gave him a dubious ethical nature, so it will be interesting to see if he is fighting on the side of the angels in the DCNU.

In Conclusion

I started this series cynically, but I was impressed by the first issue, yet my cynicism has been growing ever since. There needs to be less action and more character development.

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