starkiller809's The Ravagers #4 - Unchained review

The Ravagers #4

Daniel Sampere and Stefano Martino both do the artwork in this issue. There isn't a huge difference between their styles so you may not notice it. I really like the amount of details that they both put into their work. The way they draw the characters is also very fun to look at. The expressions on the characters too makes them come alive. The story is much more focused on action. We get to see Beast Boy and Terra save the rest of the team. This issue was great because you got to see how different all these characters were. The character the goes 'missing' was a nice touch that made an unlikable character sorta likable. The villain was also interesting and that is something missing in the books this has spun out of.  
They keep mentioning the Colony and I wish they would stop because the huge event was a let down and this should try to be something by itself. The inclusion of the Red, although interesting, is very unnecessary and it should have been left out to make this whole story much interesting. The last page hints at something huge fight between two characters, but I'm tired of seeing that character appear in EVERY book.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
This was a solid issue. The characters are being well developed with some interesting twist to them. The villains have been great so far and the interaction of the characters is fun to see. Not knowing any of the characters, it is fun to see how the are and really starting to enjoy them. If you want a team book that is like others, but a little better then some, this is going to be something that you want to pick up. 

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