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Blood, blood, everywhere!

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Another solid issue of Ravagers as the team's confrontation with Brother Blood escalates. Seeds for DC's upcoming crossover "Rotworld" are planted here and continue to show the connectedness of the New 52. My only disappointment with the issue is that we got filler artists and we're only four issues into the series. But thankfully the fill-in artists were good so it didn't' detract from the story.

I am so glad I'm caught up on Animal Man and Swamp thing because they have established the idea of The Green, The Red, and The Rot. These are concepts that are so grand it's no surprise they are being touched up here. It's a good feeling when you realize a comic universe has true continuity. I hope that gone are the days when the Justice League fends off an intergalactic threat and other heroes in the DCU are oblivious to this. Kudos to DC's editorial teams who are in charge of keeping it all straight. Here we get ties to The Red through Beast Boy and Brother Blood. It was a good way to get Beast Boy and Terra back with the group while still eluding to some bigger going on.

I was kind of bummed that Ian Churchill wasn't doing the issue and that we got filler artists. But artists Sampere and Martino did do a good job. I thought their art was really good and it fit with what Churchill has been doing so far. Also, even though there were two artists, I couldn't really see where the break in the issue was. This was nice because it wasn't visually jarring. I'm glad DC is so far ahead of the game with the New 52 that we can have issues like this and it doesn't feel like an interruption to the title like so many other titles have suffered from in the past.

The title as a whole is still pretty strong. The characters are really interesting especially the dynamic between the group and Fairchild. I like how she questions whether or not she can help these kids because they've been training to fight almost their entire lives. The question of whether or not they can ever have a normal life is a valid argument and one I think writer Howard Mackie presents well.

The issues ends of a nice cliffhangers and reminds us of the books ties to some of the other Young Justice titles. However, there will be a 60 day wait for the resolution to the cliffhanger because next month is zero month which promises the origin of Beast Boy and Terra. It should be an interesting read.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I have to say that I enjoyed this issue the least out of the four that have been released. It just felt like he they had more story to cover than pages to show it in, so they had to glaze over some things and cut it down to all the bare bones.

To me it seemed like a poor decision to involve the whole team with a Red related plot when only Gar will be involved in any of the actual crossover. Particularly since it was their first real conflict away from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. In my opinion the first arc should be a conflict that holds equal interest in the entire team, then once the group is established, you can have spotlight arcs.

I can't stand Superboy so I hope his involvement is a minimum as possible. This issue, a throw down ion the next and then he leaves.

However I freaking flipped when they revealed who Caitlin's man on the outside was. She just started talking about her safe house in the issue and I thought to my self "You know what lace would be a great place for this team to hide? The Do.." then I turned the page and for the best "Hell yes" moment I've had in comics in a long time.

It does mean alot of the past is changed around, particularly for Gar, but I guess that's what this whole universe is about for better or for worse. Hopefully this will turn out well, but now I kinda wish they could change the title of the book.

Posted by grifter78


I understand what you mean about not getting them involved in crossovers so early in the book. But since they made the decision to have Gar as part of the Red because of his animal powers at this point it wouldn't make sense not to have him involved in the story. I didn't know at first who Fairchild meets at the end because I was not familiar with the book that character came from but a friend filled me in. Again, still loving that they're connecting everything so much now in the DCU.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I understand involving Gar in the Animal Man stuff since they decided that Gar's powers are now "Red" in origin, and Gar is showing up in Animal Man 13, but this was involving the whole team, on their first mission for a tie in that only involves one of them. Just seems like it took away from establishing what the team was as a whole.

Unless the Red is going to be an underlying theme in this book from arc to arc, then their first story shouldn't have been about it.

Anyway, as it is it looks like this book might have a heavy focus on Gar. What with their first potential rouge being Red related and the revelation of Caitlin's "partner"

As for connecting everything in the new 52, I guess that can be exciting if you like what's happening in the new universe, but for me I have been very disappointed across the board of these books and was really hoping this title could be my little corner of the DCnU where I wouldn't have to deal with everything else. Now they are already having a "super" guest star in the next issue. Oh well, I'm still giving this book a fighting chance purely for Gar's sake.

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