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The Psychotic Perspective: The Ravagers #3


I thought the first issue of this series was a pleasant surprise, but the second was not quite as good for it reintroduced the boring villain Harvest. Does the third issue of The Ravagers continue this downward trend, or does it elevate the series to a whole new level?

In this issue, Fairchild and The Ravagers are attacked by a group of cultists who worship the mysterious villain Brother Blood. In the meantime, Beast Boy and Terra try to survive on their own.

The Blood Harvest

I was glad to see that this issue was Harvest free. Brother Blood, as opposed to Harvest, is an interesting villain, and I especially enjoyed the dismissive disdain he held for his followers. I know the character existed in the old DC universe, but it appears that this is a new version of the character who, unlike previous incarnations, has the ability to put people under his thrall much like a classic vampire.

Good Times

In general, this issue was just fun, and I had a good time with it in spite of the fact that it was a pretty simple story. At the same time, I’m beginning to worry that The Ravagers will have a villain of the week without taking the time to develop the villains’ characters.


Thunder’s dialogue continues to be awkward, and speaking of awkward, there is a scene early on where Thunder and Lightning skinny dip together. Just in case you have forgotten, Thunder and Lightning are brother and sister. Gross much? I understand they are supposed to be close, but that is a little too close for comfort.


In the end, this is a pretty good comic because it is simply fun, but the jury is still out on this series as far as I am concerned.


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