pspin's The Ravagers #3 - Blood review

Ravagers #3 Review

Ravagers #3 Review


Brother Blood attacks the team and Beast Boy and Terra return.

The Good:

The story revolves around Brother Blood attacking the team and Beast Boy and Terra trying to get there. The story has a few stumbles but the best part was that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was not involved except in passing and this was a major plus as between this, Teen Titans and Superboy, it was an old concept and while it will remain in the series due to the nature of the beast, it was really cool to see how the characters reacted to other villains. I am not the most familiar with Brother Blood but that is alright because while there is still mystery surrounding the character, the issue does a great job of laying out the basics.

The dialogue is good, you can really get the sense that while the main four, Fairchild, Ridge, Thunder, and Lightning, don’t really trust each other, and they get along and are friends.

The art by Ian Churchill is really great; the level of detail that goes into the more busy fight scenes is great and makes the story that much better.

The Bad:

The biggest problem is Beast Boy. His dialogue, compared to how the others are written is not as good, the story is going to revolve around his connection to Brother Blood but here it is kind of a miss. They tried to make it mysterious but it came across as choppy.

Other than that nothing major is wrong, Lightning’s dialogue on the last page makes no sense but given her condition, it is excusable I guess.


The series takes a major step forward as it steps away from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and it is great, while not perfect this is a really good issue that most fans should enjoy. If the series can keep up this kind of momentum it will really go places.

4 out of 5

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Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I don't think Beast Boy's dialogue was too bad, considering the circumstances. Yes all his lines were a little curt and concise, but that was because he was focused and in a hurry to get to the others. If this had been an issue with some down time, I'm sure we would have seen a bit more of the classic Gar relaxed and cheerful side. Second the moments where he was talking about his past and the blood can be chalked up to some fresh trauma and some potential memory wipe attempts from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

I think this issue in Gar's case was an "actions speak louder than words" thing. He didn't get many chances to voice that he was the same old Gar, but he got a few moments to show that he was still heroic and selfless. Not only did he save that group of people instead of just protecting himself and avoiding them, he also choose to go back to save the others instead of keep himself out of harms way. I think we are seeing that he still has some heroic past in this new universe and when the current crisis has calmed down, I think he will seem even more familiar to those who knew him before the reboot.

Posted by pspin

@Beast_in_the_Shadows: It wasn't so much that he wasn't speaking like classic Beast Boy as much as it was his dialogue was choppy. While he did do heroic things and saved those people his dialogue didn't seem to flow as well with the action and pace of the issue as much as the other characters. It was just a little jarring to read when the rest of it flowed so well together. But I do agree with your idea that he has very heroic intentions and will wind up closer to his original attitude after this is over

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I think you can talk most of that up to his level of stress at the time. I mean before being attacked the others were pretty relaxed, but Gar had been having demonic visions the whole time, that's gonna cut down on ones focus and mental clarity when speaking.

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