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Out of the Culling and Into the Cult 0

This cover never really gripped me, but when I analyze it, it really seems like the best Ravagers cover so far. Sure Ridge is taking up a lot of space, but I guess he's supposed to be more focused, and the others are there in the back in a well thought out size. Sure it looks like Ridge is straddling Brother Blood's head, and Brother Blood's helmet looks a bit ridiculous; but the colors are really nice, and overall there's a lot of well thought out things here. I barely even notice the stupid Da...

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Ravagers #3 Review 0

Ravagers #3 ReviewOverview:Brother Blood attacks the team and Beast Boy and Terra return.The Good:The story revolves around Brother Blood attacking the team and Beast Boy and Terra trying to get there. The story has a few stumbles but the best part was that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. was not involved except in passing and this was a major plus as between this, Teen Titans and Superboy, it was an old concept and while it will remain in the series due to the nature of the beast, it was really cool to see how ...

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Ravage or be Ravaged? 0

Over view: BrotherBlood is shown beastboy terra fairchild ridge lightning and thunder. the 3 women who shown the ravagers to brotherblood dont tell him which one has a link to this red place. i think he was referring to the RED. while beast boy and terra go on a hunt for the rest of the group.The Good: i like how everyone doesnt automaticly trust eachother. its just way more realilistic and shows how they are building trust. and that beast boy and terra had their fair share of appearances is alr...

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Ravagers #3 or... Naked Meta Volleyball! minor spoilers... 0

Well, issue number three came alone and it takes quite a shift from the first two(both of which I rather enjoyed). The pacing is quite different. Many criticized the first two for being low on action, but I thought they had just enough for what the story was, which was setting up the cast of characters and their personal conditions, whilst also distancing them from their pursuers. A book doesn't have to be punch, punch all the time, especially since a lengthy build up to fewer battles can height...

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The Ravagers #3 0

THE GOOD: The art in this issue is fantastic. I really like Ian Churchill and I think that he is a great fit for this book. He adds a lot of details to the characters and the backgrounds.I really like the facial expressions that he adds to the characters and you can almost feel what they are saying. The story is getting better with age. I really like seeing that they are fighting a new villain and moving on from the culling and that is something that I don't think that a lot of the other series ...

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The Psychotic Perspective: The Ravagers #3 0

BloodI thought the first issue of this series was a pleasant surprise, but the second was not quite as good for it reintroduced the boring villain Harvest. Does the third issue of The Ravagers continue this downward trend, or does it elevate the series to a whole new level?In this issue, Fairchild and The Ravagers are attacked by a group of cultists who worship the mysterious villain Brother Blood. In the meantime, Beast Boy and Terra try to survive on their own.The Blood HarvestI was glad to se...

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