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The Move this Time

I really like Ian Churchill's art. I think that it is very clean but has a sketchy feeling to it that makes me like it a lot more. I also really like the amount of details he adds to the book in the backgrounds. There is also a lot of facial expressions that I think all comics need to make the whole story feel convincing. I really like the story here even though it's extremely simple. They are still being tracked down my Harvest. I really like that we are seeing Harvest move on in this issue and I think that he is going to come back with another interesting story. I also like how the writer has all these characters, bad and good and you aren't sure whether they really are good or bad. I think that it keeps up on edge when reading. 
The Culling was a weak story and I hope that everyone just moves on soon. I also wish that we could see some more of what this team is going to be like once Harvest is defeated because it really has no future if Harvest is gone. They need to show us that this team is special because, .....  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
This series is still off to a great start. We are seeing some interesting characters and I think the ending shows that there is some more cool things coming to the series. I also feel that this has accomplished a bit more then the series is spun out of. I think that if you like the Teen Titans, this is like a better written version of that wish different characters and a slightly different approach. I would recommend this if you also wanted a new series to read because so far it's fairly good. 

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