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If Beast Boy is so important, where is he?! 0

So, despite the first issue not holding my interest at all, and the fact that I dropped the series quickly, I still managed to get a hold of issue 2, and I might as well talk about it. While this is a superior issue, there are more than a few problems that hold this series back from being anything more than average at best.The first thing you'll immediately notice is how quickly they were to drop the cast down from what looked like dozens of former Ravagers that escaped with the main group down ...

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The Move this Time 0

THE GOOD: I really like Ian Churchill's art. I think that it is very clean but has a sketchy feeling to it that makes me like it a lot more. I also really like the amount of details he adds to the book in the backgrounds. There is also a lot of facial expressions that I think all comics need to make the whole story feel convincing. I really like the story here even though it's extremely simple. They are still being tracked down my Harvest. I really like that we are seeing Harvest move on in this...

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The Ravagers #2 Review 0

The Ravagers #2 ReviewOverview:The Ravagers get to dry land and find themselves hunted by Shadow Walker.The Good:Well this issue is a step in the right direction. There is a good balance between action and development. The new villain, while a little generic, was good because he was new and not more of someone who had seen in The Culling.Howard Mackie has some good dialogue and Fairchild’s thoughts are a nice touch. The art is where this book shines though, the Ian Churchill is really awesome an...

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Well, I'm liking it :) 0

I picked up this series out of interest for the characters and for Ian Churchill's art. So I have no real grasp of the story that's going on in Superboy, Legion Lost or Teen Titans at all, which may be a good thing as it sounds confusing and perhaps contradictory... With just Ravagers to read I can enjoy it for itself, and I definitely am! Howard Mackie is a good writer. This is just a good comic in my opinion, and I really like it. We're getting to know these characters as they get to know each...

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A team of two? 0

(No Spoilers)Ravagers continues to be one of more colorful offerings from the New 52's second wave. It's mix of old, new, and slightly-altered characters makes for something fresh and unique. That topped with gorgeous by Ian Churchill has quickly made it one of my favorite books to read these last two months.One strength this title has had so far is Mackie is in no hurry to get this team together. In fact, one could argue that he's doing his best to tear this team apart before it has even begun....

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Trust Issues 0

Despite the lack of the first cover's embarrassing error, this cover's not nearly as good. The black background and over abundance of shadow.... tentacle... things... is a weak and lazy attempt to avoid a sense of emptiness to the cover. It actually CREATES one since it helps the whole image feel more flat. Also part of this is the way everyone is taking up pretty much the same amount of space despite being in different positions. It's just boring. Too flat.Luckily this does not extend to Chirch...

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The Psychotic Perspective: The Ravagers #2 0

Shadows of the PastI did not expect much from the pilot issue last month since I thought “The Culling” was a horrible story, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Ravagers’ first issue was good. I am very interested in seeing where the story is headed.In this issue, we see how Fairchild and company managed to escape the arctic waters and return to dry land. After making it ashore, the team disassembles against Fairchild's wishes, but Thunder and Lightning are soon in need of help when t...

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