pspin's The Ravagers #12 - The Man Who Killed the Ravagers review

The Ravagers #12 Review

The Ravagers #12 Review


The series concludes as Deathstroke proves why he is the deadliest man in the DCU.

The Good:

The story was great. There was a great balance between action and drama as the team is wrecked by Deathstroke to the point that it isn’t even fair. The twist was a good one because it is up in the air about whether or not it is really going to happen or not until the end. This also explains Beast Boy’s appearance in Teen Titans #19.




The dagger wasn’t a magic dagger, it teleported them back to N.O.W.H.E.R.E. it was a twist that really could have gone either way. The issue and series ends with Deathstroke leaving with Rose and Terra as payment which could lead to some great Teen Titans stories which is probably where most of these characters will end up at some point or another.


The writing by Tony Bedard and Michael A. Nelson is good. It does a really great job at wrapping up most of the plot threads and still leaving some mystery as to what will happen.

The art by Diogenes Neves is really great and fits the story quite well.

The Bad:

There is no resolution of the Rose-Fairchild plot. It just degenerated into them fighting each other for two panels before they get separated. It was an interesting plot because in the beginning it seemed like they were more than friends but by the end they hated each other, it was weird and a little rushed but some more solid closure would have been nice.

There are a few awkward panels here and there but nothing major.


A solid ending to a great series that is gone too soon. Watching Deathstroke decimate the Ravagers was entertaining even though it was completely one-sided. The writing was good and the art was a great fit and they combined for a nice ending of the series. There is hope that these guys will pop up in the future based off of the “For Now…” ending and the fact that it is a Teen Titans spin off.

4 out of 5

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