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BatWatch Review: The Ravagers #11

Home Wreckers

The Ravagers has been a heartbreaking series. Well, perhaps that an exaggeration, but it seems to deliver more disappointments than triumphs. At first, this was a product of the series failing to live up to its potential which largely stemmed from an apparent lack of team identity and a nonexistent focus on characters. Now, the series has both a point and an increased focus on its cast, but the series is still a major disappointment because it is now canceled. The next issue will be its last, and I don't see this series being revived anytime soon.

Last issue was one of the best so far. We learned that Ridge was actually just a kid, we saw Beast Boy and Terra finally get together after thirty years of tragedy in comics, and we saw Deathstroke apparently kill ridge and preparing to wipe out the rest of the team. Rose Wilson and Warblade are also in the mix, and they have an apparent opportunity to get away from the dark side and join the side of the angels now that Harvest has turned on the duo. With the series nearing its completion, might we finally see The Ravagers unified and Harvest destroyed? If so, the series has a lot of ground to cover. Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, the absurdly named supervillain, is also coming for a visit, and it will be interesting to see if they can make a such a silly sound villain formidable.

Does The Ravagers #11 prepare this series to go out with a bang, or is this issue just one more disappointment among so many others?

In this issue, The Ravagers engage in a four way battle between themselves, Deathstroke, Rose Wilson and Warblade, and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I wanted a good end to this series, and that appears to be exactly what I'm getting.

This issue is nearly a non-stop battle, yet it rides smoothly with nary a bump, and it takes time to develop the characters. We even have several solid twists and turns along the way as this series seems determined not to make things too predictable.

I can't think of the last time I've seen a four way battle in comic books. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen one. It's interesting because as new threats emerge, heroes and villains alike have to shift priorities, and the true loyalties of each character are revealed. It's a cool dynamic though Deathstroke takes the prize in this four way battle as being the number one threat which seems a bit of stretch to me. I mean, I know he's good, but is he so good that the combined might of all other parties could not overwhelm him? In this story, it appears like that is a real possibility.

Surprises Galore!

I know it appeared that Ridge had died in the last issue, but I didn't really figure it would stick, and it still might not, but Beast Boy reports smelling burnt flesh, and Ridge was never seen this issue. Also, The Chief was apparently killed by the Abeo Blade and burned up in a burst of fire. Now, there is always the possibility that there will be some work around. Perhaps this special blade manages to somehow entrap people. From a certain perspective, that actually seems likely for Harvest has never before been willing to kill the escaped Ravagers. In fact, he actually claimed it was part of his plan, so perhaps these death are just con on readers, but if this series actually killed off one of this series main characters and the leader of the Doom Patrol, that's pretty bold.

(Spoilers) The natures of Rose Wilson and The Chief were also a surprise in this issue. The Chief was shown to be spying on Fairchild, keeping genetic experiments as guardians for his base, and cloning Fairchild for unknown purposes. Rose presumably led Warblade to The Ravagers hideout, and though she acts like her usual jaded self most of time, she changes dramatically as soon as she is alone with Fairchild showing a willingness to cooperate to take down Deathstroke, and she has an intimate knowledge of The Chief's base of operations. To me, the implication is that Rose has been working as a double agent for The Chief this entire time, but I'm not sure on that. For that matter, I am unsure what allegiance The Chief has to the forces of good for it is difficult to imagine a justification for cloning someone without their knowledge. Regardless though, I'm stoked to read the final chapter and discover the truth.

Bat Droppings

1. (Spoiler) After scanning through this issue again, I noticed that Rose was not acting friendly to Fairchild when they were alone at the beginning of this issue, so this makes Rose's actions even more confusing since that would have been a good time to reveal she was a double agent if that is indeed the case.

2. Warblade made me laugh this issue as usual.

3. Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man played his role well in the story, but it would be nice to know his backstory. I do not think it would really fit into this issue, but if it is never disclosed, it will bug me.

4. Once again, Thunder's dialogue feels a bit stiff. “Don't worry sis – Nothing will tear us apart again!” Who says that?

5. This issue had two main artist do different sections of the book, and they both do a fine job. Just as importantly, their styles blended well with each other. This is how you should do it, Worlds' Finest.

6. (Spoilers) Warblade's warning to Fairchild to run speaks of a bond greater than just that of a partner in crime. It's nice they've finally showed that Warblade does care about somebody.

Conclusion 9/10

If you've been enjoying The Ravagers or you are a big fan of Deathstroke or Rose Wilson, you will want to pick up this issue. It does not look like The Ravagers will destroy NOWHERE before the series ends, but at least this team is going out on a high note.

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