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Ravagers #10

Women and Children First

With his first issue on the series, #16, Michael Alan Nelson appeared to be bringing something fresh and new to The Ravagers, but then the next issue arrived, and it was really just more of the same with the exception of Warblade who under Nelson's writing has changed from a one dimensional villain to a hilarious pragmatic sociopath. The title still has more character than it seems to be able to handle, and the series soon coming end means that the characters will never get the chance to be fleshed out in this series. There are also several hinted plots on deck. Rose showed in the last two issues that she is not totally evil and might be redeemed. Deathstroke is rumored to be making an appearance. Finally, the annoyingly unimaginative villain Whatshisface (Harvest) realized that Rose and Warblade had defied his wishes, so he might be coming out for blood. Perhaps this series will end by turning Rose and Warblade to the side of good while having an epic battle to end Harvest. It's impossible to know without reading. Does this issue step things up a notch, or does it once again fail to deliver on its potential?

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In this issue, Rose and Warblade have to fend off Harvest's attack while The Ravagers enjoy a pleasant day at home with more than a few surprises.

Bat Droppings

Well, crap! Just when the series starts to get good, the bloody thing is canceled. Ah well, such is life.

I'm doing this Bat Droppings style for the sake of time.

1. I do believe Harvest's face has changed colors. Is he wearing armor? Also, what the crap is he? I've been wondering since the beginning of The Culling, and it appears I will never know.

2. Deathstroke is indeed in this issue, and he has some weird Spidey Sense style lines above his left eye. Has that been a part of his DCNU costume this whole time because its a little odd? I'm not sure I hate it, but it's weird.

3. It seems pretty clear that this issue is rushing through plot points which were scripted to come about through a much longer process. Despite that, it's still rather fun.

4. It looks as if Rose and Warblade are indeed going to join up with The Ravagers. I know Warblade is talking about killing them, but I don't buy it. At least Rose will end up defecting. I am wondering when the last issue will be? I think next month should be the last, right? Isn't May when the new series are starting, so that means The Ravagers should wrap up next month, right?

5. I think I would actually be happy to see a Rose Wilson and Warblade series. They have good chemistry.

6. I wonder if Deathstroke knows that Harvest is toying with his daughter.

7. The Abeo Blade sounds really familiar, but I was not able to find anything about it. If anybody can identify it, let me know.

8. I guess because I have read so many action focused comics over the last several months, I have developed a real soft spot in my heart for character based issues. I love that Nelson took the time to develop the characters in this issue.

9. The bit about the skunk was pretty amusing.

10. The bit about Ridge was extremely surprising. I cannot say I saw that coming.

11. Thunder clearly has those glowing lines on his face in that issue, and I am reasonably certain he did not at the beginning of the series. Is this an intentional change, a mistake, or artistic license?

12. I am not sure if this is more of a condemnation of me or the series, but I cannot even remember what happened to Lightning. I have not missed her; I can tell you that much.

13. The relaxing nature of the Ravagers conversation is a bit undercut by them wearing their costumes.

Spoilers until Conclusion

14. Ah, after thirty years or so, Beast Boy and Terra finally get a moment of happiness. It gives me warm fuzzies all over. Click Here if you would like to know more about their sordid past history.

15. I am guessing that we are supposed to be assuming many months have passed since The Ravagers started really operating as a team, but it does feel a little awkward for the team to be acting all intimate and friendly when they were just barely starting to trust each other last time we saw them. Personally, I am willing to let this go since Nelson was clearly trying to get them to a nice finishing point for the series finale.

16. I do hope Ridge is still alive.

Conclusion 9/10

Like I already said, it sucks that this series is canceled now that it is just starting to get good. I wonder if this series could have thrived with Nelson at the helm. Regardless, this is a good issue worth purchasing if you are at all curious.

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Two series' start in May after the end of DC Universe Presents and I, Vampire next month, with most of the new series starting in June. The last Ravagers is #12 in May.

I'm guessing Deathstroke's secret agreement with Harvest they mentioned at the beginning involves Rose, especially since Harvest said it soon might not matter.

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