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Just a super quick review.

Is it just me or are people just giving anything with the New 52 label a good review? Don't get me wrong, all the Bat-books have been phenomenal, but after reading this and few others, I wonder if people are just giving good reviews to DC for the Hell of it. This book was really boooooring (like the title of this post mentions). It was unoriginal, the characters were unlikable, and Beast Boy was red!!! And another thing, what the hell is up with DC using all these neon costumes? Just goofy looking. The art was also kinda crappy. Sorry DC, but the only way I would pick up this series again is if the girl on the cover was in her underwear all the time and added the new half-naked Starfire to it.


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    Why Is He Red? 0

    Ok, this cover is perfectly fine on its own, nothing outstanding but definitely excellent for a first issue. I even kind of like the way each character is named. But due to the nature of this opening story, it kind of gives away what characters are supposed to be important. I subconsciously focused on the people identified on the cover, and left the others in a more hazy place of little concern in my head; so a lot of the suspense and tension of the tentative team is thrown out the window. When ...

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