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On the Run

I really like the art in this issue. Ian Churchill is a new name for me but I can easily see that I am going to enjoy seeing his work on the things he does. He adds a lot of details and I really like the character expressions. I see characters showing emotion in the background in this issue. The story is better then the crossover itself. We get to see Fairchild leading the people who got out of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. I really liked this part of the story because we get to see all the different personalities they have. They all have a distinct personality and it comes across well in the pages. I also really liked seeing the villains perspective in this issue. Rose Wilson and Warblade are great villains and will definitely raise the stakes on this series. I also really liked seeing that their abilities have limitations and I hope they sorta continue with that in the future.
While I like Rose Wilson in this issue, I don't really like the straight up killer version they are currently portraying. I also think some of the costumes are stupid looking. They have zippers in the crouch area... I guess that is important for super heroes to have but I just wish they would kinda get normal outfits.
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing)
While I did have a few complains, The Ravagers #1 is still great fun. It surprised me and surpassed expectations. I think that this series is off to a great start and that these characters will become much more strong and work together as a team. I think that the dialog is a great part of this series. If you like seeing new characters, this is something that you will want to pick up. If you like some of the character already established, this is also something that you would want to check out.
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