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A Good Beginning 0

Ever since this series was announced I have been excited for its release. Mostly because it is another new series to get into and the art looked nice and the characters and story seemed interesting. This issue I am happy to say eased all worries I may have had and meets my expectations. Now I did not follow the crossover "The Culling", nor do I read the "Teen Titans" series from which this series comes from, and one of my main concerns was how well this book address any non Culling readers looki...

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Ravagers #1 Review 0

Ravagers #1 ReviewOverview:Spinning directly out of The Culling this issue is about the formation of the teamThe Good:Having followed Superboy and Teen Titans from the beginning; this series really intrigued me because of Fairchild and Beast Boy and I had high hopes for the series. Having said that, only one of those characters is really shown in the issue and I set my hopes a little high. This picks up directly from where this particular group left off in last part of The Culling (Teen Titans #...

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The ravagers aren't all that ravaging. 0

Honestly, the Ravagers had it's problems months before it came out. It's pretty clear to me that It was probably not meant to be include in the DCU for a while, judging by how fast the Culling story arc was shoved out across 3 books and an annual that only left us confused and with a shoddy premise to stand on, and was commissioned to fill the space of one of the cancelled DCU books last minute. Still, it is its own book, and I approached it cautiously, especially since Scott Lobdell had nothing...

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Why Is He Red? 0

Ok, this cover is perfectly fine on its own, nothing outstanding but definitely excellent for a first issue. I even kind of like the way each character is named. But due to the nature of this opening story, it kind of gives away what characters are supposed to be important. I subconsciously focused on the people identified on the cover, and left the others in a more hazy place of little concern in my head; so a lot of the suspense and tension of the tentative team is thrown out the window. When ...

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On the Run 0

THE GOOD: I really like the art in this issue. Ian Churchill is a new name for me but I can easily see that I am going to enjoy seeing his work on the things he does. He adds a lot of details and I really like the character expressions. I see characters showing emotion in the background in this issue. The story is better then the crossover itself. We get to see Fairchild leading the people who got out of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. I really liked this part of the story because we get to see all the different...

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Gen 13 + Teen Titans + Newbies = Ravagers 0

(No Spoilers)You know how a series sometimes begins by describing itself as "first explosive issue!" Well, Ravagers is a classic example of a comic that actual lives up to this declaration. Writer Howard Mackie and artist Ian Churchill present an amazing issue that literally explodes from the pages of The Culling crossover which just wrapped up. Being the only title in the New 52 with a name never used before, Ravagers makes its mark and proves why it's worth of being part of DC's second wave of...

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Has potential 0

......haven't done a review in a while because people always flame what I say, but I think this story has potential. Young Heroes are always hard to work with.......people seem to still think all there stories are Teen Titans after Infinite Crisis.I won't say the Culling was the Court of Owls...or all that riveting, but each comic will have good arcs, and bad arcs. The culling between.Now however, the story may continue as a new team enters the DC universe....can the new heroes make ...

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Great art and great promise 0

So I'll admit it now: I was waiting for this comic almost entirely because of the Ian Churchill artwork. Aside from some covers, he really has been out of action since 2011's Marineman! Yes, this comic pays off in that regard - Churchill's art has a beautiful, neat, clean look to it. It's just a very attractive comic. OK, and Fairchild is on the cover in a swimsuit.So about that cover... a major typo (Lightning and Thunder are the wrong way around!! I mean, come on, Lightning should be throwing ...

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A Great Beginning. 0

This week, we go Under The Knife with The Ravagers #1. Hope you enjoy.The Concept.The idea, what is during the Holocaust, all the people managed to escape their jails with powers? What would they do? The Nazis are still hunting them. Do they try to rejoin society? Do they try and live in peace? Or do they get revenge for what the Nazis did to them? This is basically the conceptual idea of The Ravagers or at least it really feels that way.THE GOOD.To start things out, you get a whole lot of comic...

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Aftermath of the Culling 0

This is my video review for the Ravagers issue 1. Tell me whay you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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booooring 0

Just a super quick review.Is it just me or are people just giving anything with the New 52 label a good review? Don't get me wrong, all the Bat-books have been phenomenal, but after reading this and few others, I wonder if people are just giving good reviews to DC for the Hell of it. This book was really boooooring (like the title of this post mentions). It was unoriginal, the characters were unlikable, and Beast Boy was red!!! And another thing, what the hell is up with DC using all these neon ...

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no teen titans 0

the only good thing about this book is the art and the characters (not their characterazation but the characters themselves). Fairchild is my main reason for reading this book and when this book was annouced i was hoping for it to be a Gen 13 book and it pretty much is except Fairchild is the only member of the original Gen13 in the book. lobdell is one of my favorite writers, in fact for years he was my favorite writer and he used to write Gen13 but he doesnt capture Fairchild's character at al...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Children of Destiny 0

Children of DestinyThe Ravagers is a brand new team and a brand new comic which developed as a spin-off from “The Culling” crossover between Legion Lost, Superboy, and Teen Titans. Wherein most of the series in the New 52 are simply continuations of old series or old series somewhat retooled, The Ravagers actually offers something new. Half the characters are brand new creations, and the other half appears to be a completely new take on old characters. The established characters are somewhat ecl...

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