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This issue 0 was a shocker. The Ravagers backstory is always fun to learn more about because really, who doesn't love seeing superheroes made artificially, and rebel against their enemy maker? The art and drawing of all of the Ravagers is awesome and beat boy's transformations rock!

It's a legit story and this #0 tell its very, very well. I highly recommend for any previous Ravagers or X-men fans!


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    Ravagers #0 ReviewOverview:We are given an in depth look at what happened to the five people who eventually join Fairchild and become the Ravagers.The Good:The story is a little bit of sci-fi/action/horror and is successful at it. The story is about what happened to the team when they first got to the Colony and spends some time with each character but focuses primarily on Beast Boy and Terra and how they became friends in a terrible situation.The writing by Howard Mackie is superb and explains ...

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    THE GOOD: Ian Churchilll and Norm Rapmuno provide the art for this issue, and it's stunning. On the second page, the artist manages to capture the pain, and the transformation of Beast Boy with ease. The expressions are well done and they really help make these character very likable. The story is basically them fighting people. This issue is good because of the characters. Howard Mackie does a great job at making Terra a strong character and makes Beast Boy a young and inexperienced character w...

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