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 The police woman tells Frank to assume the position but he just wants her to listen. He asks her to let him go before her back-up gets there. She tells him she has no back-up and that she's on her own time. Less overtime for the police means not enough coverage on the whole park. The Punisher tells her to meet him at that spot the next night if she is serious about catching the serial rapist (read War Zone #7). 

Rosalie is getting a massage and one of her men comes in with information about the contract on the Punisher. He says a handful of heavy hitters are interested. She wants to know more.  
There is Stilleto of Brasilia who seems to favor a concealed Stilleto. Garotte from Marseilles favors the strangling tool of which he takes his name. Combat from Waco, Texas is a man of martial arts and is seen knocking out a group of large guys in a bar. Silence from Madripoor kills four men without being seen or heard with a blow gun. Cane from London has a cane rigged to fire bullets and is seen assassinating three men on the street. Roc from Madrid is a very large man who incapacitates six guys in an alley. Another guy sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the back. He grabs the man by the face, lifts him in the air and breaks his neck smiling the enitre time. Tequila out of Vera Cruz is on panel killing a man with a scorpion placed in a drink. Presumably Tequila. 

The Punisher is waiting at the meeting spot the next night. The police woman shows up and he changes into a running suit and catches up to her. She knows he's the Punisher and he asks her why she didn't turn him in. She says they aren't that different and doesn't know what she would have done with the guy who attacked her (in #7) if Frank hadn't shown up. He tells her if she is going to go hunting with him she needs something bigger than the little gun she has and hands her a ten millimeter. 

She is excited to get started and runs ahead. Frank rips off his running suit and chases after her. They hear a scream and run over. It's just a bunch of kids partying. They decide to check the jogging path and then leave. The guy they're after is  struggling with a woman and they bolt for him. He's wearing a mask and has a Mac-10. He fires at Frank and the police woman. She dives for cover but Frank isn't scared. According to him the Mac isn't "worth a rat's, outside of ten feet". The attacker runs out of ammo and takes off. 

Frank shoots a few rounds at him but he's in the trees. The man is getting away. She checks the woman who was being attacked and Frank guns it for the man. The guy is heading for a wall and Frank says that if he makes it, he's gone. Frank takes a knee and steadies a shot. It's raining now and Frank sets the gun for three round burst fire. He squeezes the trigger and misses with all three shots. The man is up and over the wall. Frank runs towards it and climbs to the top to scan the area. No sign of the guy. There is blood on the ground though. She runs over and he tells her he lost him. 

They investgate the area around the jogging trail and discover footprints. She has also discovered matches and cigarette butts. She's going to run them, along with the shell casings, for prints. She asks him how to get in touch with him and he gives her an e-mail address. She asks him if he wants to get coffee and he agrees. Over coffe she explains she handled one of the victims when she came into the station. The woman later killed herself rather than deal with the pain of reliving everything over and over and that's why she's out there looking for the guy on her vacation. 

Micro is on a bus. The man next to him is talking about going home and asks Micro if he is going home to family too. Micro says yes, the only family he's got. 

Rosalie meets with the 7 assassins and explains the terms. They all have a file on the Punisher and the bounty is five million. They can work in teams or by themselves but it's still five million. She orders them to get out on the street and work for the big money.     

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